Thursday, May 4, 2017

Yes i get high

yes i get high, they call me the ....
i used to have a problem with a turned in eye
now i just sigh, and usher words by
if send me an email i'll probably reply

swim don't fly, do don't try
take the good vibes and bake em' in a pie
dig family stone, and my man, called, Sly

like a fountain on a mountain you're wet and high
like i said to you before many people call me...
feet in the sky and head in the bed, that's what he said
a bed of flowers soft and dreaming hours, 

the rhyme don't lie or the pigs would fly
the cats say that, you're not a cat without a hat
the lion don't lie indeed she keeps it raw
the funks with the elephant, the heads with the Bore
Pup music for the dogs, jump up for frogs
prickly on the microphone like a herd of hedgehogs

I sneak up like a spider, and then i do provider
a little funky beat, and spliff and some cider
go back to my web, in my crib with Deb
hanging out for flies, then i wrap em' with my thighs
jump out from the tree with a weapon of surprise

Im busy like a badger, and badger till your dizzy
i ask so many questions that i'm leaving google dizzy
off the top of the dome, take a taste of my fizzy
it's easy, the politics is sleazy

artists like ice cream and galleries try to freeze me
a nice chord after G is C
me after the class with the spider in the glass
sitting in detention cuz' i let off all the gas

--Steve Fly

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