Sunday, April 29, 2012

Weed Pass U Blift (News items on Dutch miss-courage of Justice))

.....what I call the real DEA - the Dutch English American alliance between the  Royal families and the bankers; they're all inter-related to one another, when you start getting into it you find that George Bush for instance, is related to the Queen of England who's related to Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands who's related to most of the major bankers - it's all one big happy family when you get up there at the top.--Robert Anton Wilson, w/ Steven Pratt.

Video of 420 Cafe, in connection with new 'Weed Pass' Proposal.

"THE Dail’s most prominent dope-loving deputy has told how a Dutch ban on tourists getting high is just POTTY.

Luke ‘Ming’ Flanagan yesterday dismissed the law as “unenforceable” after it won judicial backing in the Netherlands.
The controversial measure, if approved by Dutch MPs next week, will effectively bar Amsterdam’s famous coffee houses from serving cannabis to foreigners — by making them members-only clubs.
Lawyers for 600 cannabis cafes last night vowed to continue fighting their government’s “discriminatory” drive to rid Holland of its druggie paradise image.
And the GRASS-roots revolt won early support from weed campaigner Flanagan.
The Roscommon TD, who has given up the habit to avoid breaking the law, insisted the Dutch economy would feel a massive comedown if Irish tourists were denied a toke.

The government’s decision to restrict the use of cannabis cafes to local residents by excluding tourists is not discriminatory, a court in The Hague said on Friday.
A group of 19 café owners and other interest groups had gone to court in a last-ditch attempt to have the membership system overruled. All cannabis cafes in the south of the country are due to become members’ only clubs on May 1.
The café owners say not only is the measure discriminatory but infringes peoples’ privacy.

So, not that we condone going to the Netherlands just for the pot (The Hague is really cool guys, we promise), but if that's your plan, get your hands on a "weed pass." We're not sure what this pass will look like, but apparently it's one way, according to the AP and the BBC, to tell foreigners and Dutch residents apart. The AP writes that once the Dutch government's rules banning tourist from its legal cannabis go into effect, "It will turn coffee shops into private clubs with membership open only to Dutch residents and limited to 2,000 per shop." The BBC notes the idea of a pass is still up for debate.

"Thirty-six years and many millions of joints after the Netherlands' laws on marijuana were relaxed, drug tourists from Britain and other countries are set to be weeded out when a nationwide ban on foreign dope-smokers takes effect.

Yesterday, a court in The Hague upheld a Dutch government plan to restrict sales of soft drugs to local residents in possession of an identity card, nicknamed a "wietpas", or "weedpass".

Since 1976, Dutch authorities have tolerated the sale and consumption of small quantities of soft drugs. The policy was introduced to keep users away from the hard drugs trade, controlled by organised criminals. One consequence was to attract visitors from less-tolerant countries to a land where joints could be rolled, bongs inhaled and "space-cakes" nibbled, without fear of prosecution.

A controversial law that will make it harder for foreign tourists to buy cannabis at the Netherlands' famous coffee shops has been upheld by a Dutch court.
The law, which reverses 40 years of liberal drugs policy in the Netherlands, is targeted at the many foreigners who have come to see the country as a soft drugs paradise and to tackle a rise in crime related to the drug trade.
The law, which goes into force in three southern provinces on May 1st before going nationwide next year, means coffee shops can only sell cannabis to registered members.

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