Thursday, March 1, 2012

On the Dutch Hash ban and criminal gang banging

Arab Spring Hash

A new proposition has been forwarded, as a result of the recent Dutch 'Drugs Debate', into the mainstream media, about a proposed 'Hash Ban' based, according to news reports, upon the principle that Hash is imported from other countries such as Morocco, Afghanistan and Lebanon, that constitutes an international crime.

As you may know these countries mentioned above are already engaged in internal conflict and international conflicts that blur the lines of criminality. Afghanistan in particular, or some groups of people there, seemingly know no universal laws and legal system. How do you control lunatics who live in the mountains? Lebanon also sees political and cultural revolutions at the moment, so what effect will the hash ban have, if any, on these countries?

Does this act as a sort of trade embargo, or have a similar effect by putting a large cut in the profits of whoever's making doe in this risky process? Will it just drive up the prices and make Hash a more valuable, rare, and attractively risky product, putting even more profits in the profit makers pockets. And are there any noticeable cultural signifier to you, between Netherlands, Morocco, Afghanistan and Lebanon?

Dealing and dealing?
And then, there's the argument, or my argument, that a little Hash or even a lot of hash, imported from another country is harmless and timid compared with arms, legal-drugs and intelligence shared by Dutch firms with America, the middle East and the UK, for the purposes of continuing the so called 'war on terror' which acts like a "war on some terror' as it ignores it's own brand of bombing, bankrupting and poisoning people and the environment in the name of business. See Iraq and Afghanistan and the kinds of software, electronics, intelligence and financial support provided by the Dutch private sector to help the war machine, sorry, I mean to say, defence industry.

Nothing left but Right wing?

Now, besides the chemical, biological and nuclear trade between Dutch companies and the international community, including Israel ( Prince Friso was the CEO of a Uranium Enrichment company URENCO) the Netherlands also happens to have a very scary emergent Right Wing political movement, as does Europe as a whole it seems according to some reports, headed by Gert Wilders, a truly awful character who comes off like a CIA dupe with his antagonistic, so called 'anti-immigrant' hateful and UK conservative, US Republican like speeches, films, political platforms. He's a bad apple in a pretty dull pie of Dutch Christian Democrats, and of course the media love him, and so do a bunch of dumb, non-pot smoking morons mostly from the South of Holland who voted him into the current Dutch coalition Government.

I say instead of Hash, ban Gert Wilders and his disgusting hateful moronic trade in slime outside of Dutch boarders, and make a special task force to stop the other hateful moronic parties doing way more damage than any drug: Marie Le Pen's NF, The BNP, the EDL, it's not difficult to spot them is it, OH, oh, freedom of expression. They must be allowed to have their say, the Freedom to say.... whatever hate laced double speak and straight up lies they wish, with however much financial backing and media support channel you can get. Freedom? what about the freedom to inhale some kind plant material, or eat a light Hash cake, the preferred medicine of many Medical Marijuana patients?

Aha, and now you see why Gert Wilders is head of the 'Freedom Party'. or 'Party for Freedom' Please, once again, I know you just did it, but, check George Orwell's concept of double speak: I keep thinking...that's it....doublespeak, and that too...doublespeak....rings so true of daily international news and entertainment, and most of my poetry....deliberate distortion:

Move to Ban, propose to ban and simply BAN

On top of the idiocy of the proposed new laws to ban hash, you have the amplified idiocy of the media channels that broadcast their daily poop-a-scoop. Within hours of the Dutch meeting coming to a close, the major news wires broadcast their best shot, a combination of dumb soundbites from a handful of members of parliament and 'the point of view of your average stoner'. But here's the center piece, the quote that defines the entire days meetings, according to the news dogs:

"Almost all of the hash that is sold in Dutch coffee shops is smuggled into the Netherlands by international criminal gangs from countries like Afghanistan, Morocco and Lebanon," said Ard van der Steur, a member of the ruling Liberal Party.--

 What is criminal, illegal, unjust and unfair? who decides, and by what methods, do you see stark double standards and hypocrisy? why kick a hornets nest? why a total ban? how will it be enforced, what will be the punishment? why do I not hear any of these questions in the news items?


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