Sunday, February 5, 2012

Pharmacratic Inquisition FULL DOCU'

This documentary features comprehensive coverage and study of AMANITA MUSCARIA (The fly agaric) among other entheogens, symbolic alchemy and psychedelic mysticism. Featuring a synthesis of work done by John Allegro, R. Gordon Wasson, Carl Ruck, James Arthur, Mike Crowley, and others. My interest in Amanita Muscaria, Shamanism and altered states of consciousness begun when I read Cosmic Trigger by Robert Anton Wilson, who, I might add, remained skeptical about the many 'magic mushroom theories' about religion proposed by the above researchers, but, in a more broad sense he showed that evidence suggests that humans have been dosing their own nervous systems with psychedelic compounds for over 30'000 years. He also wrote a book dedicated to drugs, sex and Magick:

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