Sunday, April 11, 2010

Zero degrees of separation: The social Network, what is to be done.

Zero degrees of separation: The social Network, what is to be done.

All over the internet new connections and being made at an ever increasing daily rate, group and swarm intelligence is swarming, grouping and the world is awakening or birthing itself into a new level of coherence. A new game emerges each day when we wake from our nightsleep, with new rules and players, and we navigate the field, searching for meaningful games to play and share with others.

We are blown to atoms, bits and genes in the information age, like the Hadron super-collider, identity has been blown into ambiguity, everybody and everything fission fusion collusion. Here Comes Everybody’ wrote Joyce, and now we are all thrust into the palace halls of the 1000 narrators searching for the author, looking for the plot to pick up the thread, to check that one is living and writing, not reading and dead, some said that these voices are schizophrenia and/or hallucination, and helped to brainwash the Human nations with psychiatric double speak keeping mum about MK Ultra.

Everybody will feel ripped to the tits now the World Wide Web is awake and turning over the ages of mankind at ever greater speeds, bootstrapping itself into higher dimensions, doing more with less, hyper-intelligent computing.

I feel we need a new set of standards, ark, listen to me, I never thought I would say this but there we have it. Steve.

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