Wednesday, March 24, 2010

LSD Spooks and me.

In 1953 LSD was used at Powick hospital in the UK by one 'Ronald Sandison', who's book about these sessions can be found by a google books search. (Sandison does not seem all bad, with a background in Jungian' psychoanalysis and a willingness, at least, to explore the unconscious, his own and that of others).

When I discovered how the Government abused these drugs throughout the 1950's I become all the more thankful that for a moment there some cats let the Geni' out the bottle for a while in the 1960's and turned this particular psychological weapon into a new game and 'bliss bomb' to turn on and boot up the massholes.

I found 'The Secret History of Acid' an informative read, and first discovered the Powick' LSD scenario in this gripping and well researched book.

Sandison used to work with John Rawlings Rees in the 1940's in London. "Rees became first president of the World Federation for Mental Health"

Rees interviewed Rudolph Hess, along with Maj' Frank Foley of the XX Bureau.

Foley lived a stones throw from Powick during the years of the Sandison LSD experiments (approx. 1953-58), in a small town called Stourbridge. (That is mentioned in both Finnegans Wake by James Joyce and The Cantos of Ezra Pound.

Edward Elgar had a long association with Powick, being bandmaster their in 1879.

...drums please...

Thank GOD for Jimi Hendrix, Ken Kessey, Leary, RAW and the 'psychedelic culture shock' that swept across the world and transformed humanity with new art and new synthesis. Plus John Lennon was a fan of LSD and a popular example of the creative, poetic use of the substance in the right set and setting.

A century of psychiatry, psychotherapy and group analysis:
By Ronald Sandison

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