Friday, December 25, 2009

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Some Religion and some drugs seem to me, often like looking at two ends of the same Macro/microscope. They both change the human interactive nervous system in various ways, and they both do this by electro-chemical means, in some sense.

The phenomena of some religious groups actively spearheading anti-drug programmes in the deluded idea of creating a ‘drug free world’ can be shown to be a total sham, based on subjective bias, by simply looking at the neuro-chemical processes at work in every human nervous system and brain-body interface. We are in part, made up of and manipulated by drugs, they make food digestion, organ operation and brain activity, how can can there be a war on the drugs that have been hard-wired into our biological evolution over aeons?

I would argue that some drugs, currently classified and demonized across the world, are actually tools to help us combat the onset of belief, especially fundamental beliefs, monotheism and dualistic two-valued logic. To draw a comparison, and agitate the relatively small but influential religious fundamentalists who make no logical or scientific sense with their failing war on (some) people that use (some) drugs.

These drugs were defined by Arlan Riley Wilson has having two things in common, one they were relatively cheap and two they were effective, usually this means that three: these drugs are illegal and under the global cloak of prohibition and anti-drug hostility.

I would argue that counter to this, some drugs currently freely available over the counter and manufactured around the world are tools to help the claws of belief take hold, and some of these drugs are actively used as sacraments in religious ceremony around the world, i.e wine.

It’s no coincidence then, that past historical prohibitionists have had a tendency to hold religious and puritanical ideas, having the typical characteristics of the western dominator male: conservative, authoritarian, double-crossing and a fundamentalist believer in an single almighty creator.

Electronic Drugs proposes that the tired and failing prohibition and the war against drugs can been seen to be echoed in the New Digital Inquisition, where electronic states of consciousness are prohibited, and users means to get high are alarmingly and increasingly controlled by power hungry governments and their private interests in the massive new telecommunications and social networks industry. The same neuro-logical states we see prevalent in active anti-drug prohibitionists and religious fundamentalists can now, also be seen in the cyber-ministers and electronic Tsar’s being put in place throughout various sectors of world Government.

This blog will share some of my ideas about how the two different media of chemicals and electronic signals interchange within social networks, both electronic and sensory-sensual.

--Steve Fly Agaric

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