Sunday, November 7, 2010

Evolve The Spore

Evolve and revolve to solve the Novelle’
Loose spore, spoor, spell s’poor.
Lou’s Spore

Spore of Destiny. The weir of brandy,
Spart of the Lyf Cycle cycle.

Sports Day. Sport for all. 
Reproductive seed,
Ballistico Spores blowing, 
Spores and cures and 
cleansed pores, 
Rowing a shore with oar to spore.

Dream fish...the Net, an ‘idea’ sized catch?
Starseed Transmissions 2010.

The Intelligence in the Cherry Stone
Words are 
Cryptospores, fossilized messages
Paragraphs in
    the Zoospore, locomotion 

Swarmspore social movement, decentralized, 
Natural or artificial? Thought sport?

away and outword, wayward sores float

Dispersed verse turning a propeller in the wave crush

Water sports thoughts awash with salt

Growing both on the ground and

Spore Mycollegee Degree
Liberty Butter 
Yeasts and Leomould Bloom

The role of spores
in Decomposition of the matter?

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