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Seventh UK Drug Adviser Quits in Drugs Row

Seventh Drug Adviser Quits in Drugs Row

April 3, 2010 by henryhunter · 2 Comments
Yet another member of the British Governments drug advisory board have quit because media and political pressure put on the control, or lack thereof, of drugs in the UK.
The exodus began months ago when the head of the committee, Professor David Nutt was publicly villainized by the Government and media for claiming that marijuana was illegal for political and not scientific reasons and that you have more chance of dying riding a horse than you do taking ecstasy.  He was followed by four of his colleagues and then in the last week two more has jumped ship.
The reason for the two new departures is the imminent ban of a drug called mephedrone, and while the Government and media would have the public believe that dozens of people have died because they took the drug, the actual figure of people who have actually been proven to have died from taking the drug is rather low and less exaggerated…  It’s one.  One person.  Not 25.
The drug will apparently be banned by the end of April, and it is certainly curious that the ban comes not from the drug advisers, but from politicians.  What can be deduced from this, I guess, would be that either Gordon Brown or his friends regularly take drugs and are in the best position to decide which are safe for us, or there is absolutely no scientific basis for the banning of illegal drugs in the UK.  If the advisers would rather quit their job than go along with the Governments decisions, it says a lot for the laws, and the supposed science behind it.
The Liberal Democrat Party home affairs spokesperson Chris Huhne announced that the only way to have science fact introduced, finally, into the drug argument would be to make the ACMD (Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs) completely separate from Government.
It may seem like a good idea to some people, the banning of mephedrone and the continual banning of other drugs, but they would be wrong.  A substance of any sort cannot be banned without scientific evidence to support it.  You need only look at the drugs that are not only legal but advertised as everyday consumer products…   You had a bad day at work?  Don’t worry, you can stop by the pub on the way home and drink yourself stupid.  Finding it hard to get motivated in the morning?  Have a coffee that will get you going, and don’t stress, nothing goes with coffee like a nice chemical filled cigarette.  Enjoy these drugs, these drugs, along with the chemical ones that apparently cure all sorts of ailments physical or mental are fine, just don’t take the ones that the Government say are illegal.  Because they are fun.  And your Government don’t want you having fun, when you could be working, or reproducing.
It reminds me of the last time I took magic mushrooms, which are now as illegal as heroin in the UK, me and my cousin watched Fortress starring Christopher Lambert, then went into a field near his house, and then I woke up covered in highlighter pen which looked really good under his UV light.  The story has no point, except that I had a great time.  And that is the point.  I can legally buy a drug that makes a lot of people violent and angry and incapable of speech…  But I can’t buy or consume drugs that make me realize that Fortress starring Christopher Lambert is a great film.
The fact that so many have quit, two of them being the head of the committee, suggests to me that the drug laws in this country are not being made by people who know what they are talking about…  That is never going to work, and their knee-jerk reaction to drugs that they seem to be just hearing about is turning millions of children into criminals overnight because the trickledown effect is like a poisoned river.  The Government makes something up, the papers print it, and the parents absorb selective parts of it and then demand the drug be banned.  Whereas people should be given the chance to educate children correctly on drugs, instead of constant fear mongering.  People have always taken drugs, illegal or otherwise, and just because the papers make you believe that drug use is a brand new thing that directly involves your child, doesn’t mean you have to accept it…  Read what the people who actually know what they are talking about…  Well, if the Government would stop firing them or making them quit then you could maybe have a chance at scientific information.

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